What To Say After Being Rejected For a Job (Email Template)

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We've all been there. Getting rejected for a job can you make you feel deflated, sad, and unmotivated.

When you get multiple rejections, each one just feels like a punch to the gut.

But here's a mindset shift you have to remember throughout the job search process - you can make ANY situation work for you instead of against you (yes, even rejections!)

If you didn't move forward to the next interview round or you didn't get a job offer, you still have an opportunity to:

💥 1. Get feedback so you can improve your interviewing skills.  

💥 2. Connect with everyone you met during your interview process and utilize them as referrals for future roles you're interested in. 

How, you might ask? Keep the conversation going!

Here's an email template you can utilize to respond when you've received a rejection email. 👇



"Hi [ add name of hiring manager ],

Thanks so much for getting back to me and giving me an update! I really enjoyed [ add in what you enjoyed about meeting them, connecting, and/or the interview process. ] Although I'm saddened to hear I will not be moving forward, I would love to be considered for any [ ex: entry level positions ] that open up in [ add in role title ] in the future. I'm confident my skill set in [ add in specific skills required of this role that you have ] will support [ add in the company's name ] mission. 

I'm always looking to improve and work on my professional development. Do you have any feedback for me in regards to the interview and/or why you felt my experience wasn't the right fit for the position?" 


Next time this happens, remember that rejections can lead to great things and YOU have the power to create those opportunities. 💖


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What To Say After Being Rejected For a Job (Email Template)